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blah blah yeah

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June 8th, 2006

12:04 am
happy birthday to me blah blah

ha im 19, pah!


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January 31st, 2006

07:59 pm - eugh, shit or something!
im fed up, everythign is shite, i hate everything and i'm bored of everything!
i'm sick of my job, actually just my company, it's run by mindless pricks that onyl care about money, im just fed up of the same old mundane shite day in day out! i need something different somethign new!!
i really just want to quit and go to london and get a new job, start over and try again...only problem is fucking money, i have none coz my company pays me fuckign peanuts, its a fucking joke, especially the fuckign hours i work!
everything just bores me and i hate it!!
in other news i might be starting a djing partnership at the garage in london, club motherfucker, which will be fucing sweet, 2/3hours of playing my fave songs drinking loads and dancing, some of my favourite things, what could be better!!
and also my cat is really ill which sucks, he's not eating, his face is swollen on one side and hes really weak, porr bugger!!
anyway, yeah, eugh.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: nothing

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December 25th, 2005

09:42 am
yeah merry christmas and stuff, hope everyone gets good stuff

sorry 4 such a shit comment, im really hungover and tired

i got fish for xmas : D
and some other things
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: ladytron

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October 21st, 2005

10:07 am - eugh
im sat in the airport on the internet, i juts had a cigarette it was so good, i well hate the general public, they do my head in! i was pushing the massive trolley thing with all the suitcases on and i crashed in2 a chinnese lady, she screamed well loud haha, but the best thing is that she was an ACTUAL midet, i just thought she was a child hahaha unlucky!
anyway i have only got like 2mins left ont hsi computer, so i hope everypne has a good couple of weeks, leave my some msgs 2 read!
have fun hope i dont get blown away by huricane!!
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: airport announcements!

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October 3rd, 2005

04:40 pm
well hate driving test ppl, he failed me wat a cunt
and he breathed like darth vader and he smelt
and was really poor

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September 22nd, 2005

09:02 pm



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September 7th, 2005

10:04 pm - a bit bored
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

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August 31st, 2005

07:21 pm - um...
bleugh, im stuill at work, waiting 4 a lift from my crappy parents, coz the stupid receptionsit that sposed 2 give me a lift home went, coz i had 2 cut a girls hair that was MASSIVE then straighten it, it took ages, but its okay coz she tipped me £5 which i have juct spent on d and coke, so im slightly drunk, now,. ive had 5doubles haha they only charge m,e a quid for a double coz im staff, how brilliant is that! i fuckign ghate work, all the fuckers there r cunts, i wanty 2 go 2 reading festival, its not fair! i wanna see bo kill boy and clor and incubus and hot hot heat and blah l;oads of others! i had 2 clean the fridge at work 2day, it was fuckign disgusting, there was liek a qwhole farms worth of mouldy fruit and vegtables and butter, there was a plum ion there and it lokked liek it had been stamped on, thern painted green and put back in the fridge, it was gross, then i ggot stereesed and had an argument! ben came in 2day, was kool 2 see him, rachel and ben went 2 london yesterday, but i couldnt go coz im fuckign skint and had work, and rachel gt this brilliant chicks on speed dress and bag, its ace! 1 week til payday i kant wait, i had £5 left till then whcih sux, so i kant do anything! not muh has happened in my life, boozing, fights, sleeping and work, it sux, im so bored, im becoming normal/mediocore, and i fuckign hate it! we need 2 start having band practice more, coz im fed up of listengin 2 really good music and thinking 2 myself that i want 2 be doing that, wen we could...but were just not!
im gonna go now, ive run out of booze
hope every1 is kool
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: clor-good stuff

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August 18th, 2005

09:41 pm

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never heard of him, but cant be that bad!

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: clor-outlines

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July 31st, 2005

07:21 pm - last night...
last night was fucking brilliant, i think, but i just want 2 apologise 4 being so violent/aggresive, im not ussually that bad! so tired, need sleep


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